Meet These Benevolent People That Gave These Homeless Dogs Their “Forever Homes”

An organizations like Adopt-A-Pet, helps thousands of animals find their forever homes every day.  Here are just a few we found that are so happy to finally have someone to love them.

If you would like to also adopt a pet, you can search here for a pet also.

  1. This is Hank

1) "My friend wanted a dog so he went and adopted Hank."

2. Samoyed are my personal favorite, for I had two!

2) "Dog got adopted from the shelter i use to volunteer at. I think he's pretty happy."

3. Jerry and his new owner have amazing eyes in common!

3) "Jerry is ecstatic to get adopted!"

4. “My wife and I adopted our very first dog together, Pixel!”

4) "My wife and I just adopted our first dog. Meet Pixel!"

5. Ripley was adopted just today!

5) "My name is Ripley and I was adopted today"

6. We adopted this adorable guy for my son.

6) "For my cake day, I give you my son and our dog 20 minutes after we adopted her"

7.  We adopted Lucy who is 6 years old today! What a great smile.

7) "I adopted 6yo Lucy today. She won't let me far enough away from her to take a good picture. :)"

8. Just look at this sweet face.

8) "This little guy just got adopted. Dat smile..."

9.  “We adopted Kuma after he was abandoned on Christmas day”!

9) "Adopted Kuma after he was abandoned on Christmas day."

10.  “This is our Jake”.

10) "Jake's 'just got adopted' face"

11. This dog was found in a dumpster and when my mom learned this, we brought her home from the Dominican Republic the very next day.

11) "My mom adopted a dog from the Dominican Republic that was found in a dumpster. I think he's enjoying his new home :)"

12. This dog still thinks he is a small puppy.

12) "My uncle adopted this former Russian guard dog. He warned me not to get too close"

13. Meet Dobby, our smiling Bulldog!

13) "Dobby thought it was a joke when I told him he was adopted."

14. This is Pretty Penny.

14) "Penny's 'I'm Adopted' Face"

15. “Me and my girlfriend adopted this sweet girl today.”

15) "My girlfriend and I adopted this sweet girl today."

16. This is me and my wife’s “first baby”!

16) "Me and the wife adopted this guy 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Happy with our 1st fur baby!"

17. His smiles says it all.

17) "Someone is happy they got adopted!"

18. Our new little friend obviously likes car rides.

18) "Just adopted this little lady. Apparently she loves car rides!"

19.  Another one also likes car rides!

19) "We just adopted this lady"

20. This special girl joined our family TODAY.

20) "Adopted this beautiful girl today :D"

21. Meet LJ

21) "Meet just adopted LJ (Leroy Jenkins)"

22. Last but not least, a smile that proves the joy and love in his heart to have his “forever home’!

22) "The face you make when you realize you've just been adopted."

We here at We Love All Animals hope this story inspires you to go to your local shelter and give a loving and deserving dog his “forever home” and you both will share long and happy lives together!