When This Groomer Shaves Off Pounds Of Matted Fur, The Prettiest Little Dog Underneath Is Revealed!

In April 2016, Silky arrived at the San Jose Animal Care Center with severely matted hair. Foxtails and debris were trapped in her mounds of knots. She could barely walk or move, let alone see the world through the pounds and pounds of hair.

At the shelter, Silky needed surgery to be spayed. While she was under general anesthesia, they took the opportunity to groom her for the first time in what looked like years of neglect.

Obviously, Silky’s name was not fitting given her condition and after her much-needed makeover, what emerged is a beautiful and adorable small-size pup that is sweet, friendly, and otherwise healthy. She also has the cutest little underbite, and a coat of gorgeous  and silky with white fur. Silky was ready to be put up for adoption, and due to her breed, she’ll need a forever family who will keep her regularly groomed.

The San Jose Animal Care Center is an open-admission animal shelter that takes in 17,000 animals per year.


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