How Many Horses Can You Find In This Beautiful Painting? The Answer Is Going To Surprise You!

We had to stare at this painting  for a long time before we could figure out the answer.  Be sure to give your answer in the comment section below. how many horses you were able to find!

It will be interesting to see how many horses you were able to find!

 In 1975, an artist Bev Doolittle painted a gorgeous painting titled Pintos. Bev and her husband were traveling around the southwestern region of America when they came upon a group of chestnut horses. Bev was inspired and knew what she would be painting next  The way these chestnut horses stared and studied her and her husband left an unforgettable memory in Bev’s mind. This is what inspired her to paint Pintos.

So how many horses do you see in the picture?


This confuses a lot of people how many horses in this painting. Look below if you want the answer.


There are five horses in the painting. The first two are easy. You can see a horse’s head on the left and the baby is on the right.

The horses in the middle really tricky. Bev cleverly painted them so one was in front and the other was behind it. You only know there’s a horse behind because there’s a head sticking out.

Jim Warren, another artist,  has a painting below if you want another optical illusion puzzle that involves horses. The title is seven horses,  but I highly doubt you will find all seven horses. It’s really difficult!


Jim painted a beautiful scene. A horse gallops down the beach. The waves are crashing into the shores, and there’s a vibrant sunset in the backdrop.

But there’s only 1 real horse in the picture. Where are the others? Four out of seven are easier to find.


The next three are very challenging and the fifth horse is more an outline of a horse. It’s in the top right of the picture. Do you see it?


The sixth one is even more difficult and very hard to see.  You can find it easily if you flip the picture upside down…


The very last one is a brain tease. It’s the hardest one to find. That’s because the horse isn’t even in the frame anymore… it already left!


The seventh horse left a few footprints. How many horses did you find on the first try?


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