Meet Mandy And Fall In Love

Meet Mandy!

People at the Riverside SPCA knew there was something special about her. She had many special qualities such as loving, friendly and she had an amazing temperament.  No one could understand how this “goofball,” as she was referred to on the Fido4Ever blog, hadn’t been adopted.   Was it because she was a pit bull? They kept her up front for adoption longer than they ever have other dogs and to the point of keeping her up in the adoption kennels almost a month longer than the point when she should have been transferred to the back of the facility and death row.  The staff was in love with Mandy and this location, put down more animals than they adopted.  So Mandy was an amazing and unique dog.

Mandy-Riversdie-SPCA-2-590x476 (1)

The staff was determined and they got the word out for they had so much faith in this two year old girl. She loved to have her belly rubbed and was always giving kisses, even through the bars in her cage. Then they received some responses from local rescues, one was the  Dream Team Angels of Riverside.  Their organization they are “…a group of women dedicated to the rescue of shelter animals, many of whom are rescued moments before death.”  That is the absolute truth for Mandy.

Mandy Dream Team Angels


And here is the best part.  They announced today, that Mandy was adopted.  Sunday, just five days ago, the girl was on death row, but thanks to the efforts of the staff at the Riverside SPCA, writers, like Eric at Fido4Ever, and the honest-to-goodness ladies that are, indeed, Dream Team Angels, Mandy has a forever home!


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