Man Hates To See Dogs Suffering, So He Saves All 450 Of Them

At this sanctuary in Serbia, 450 formerly homeless dogs run and play together all day. And it’s all thanks to one man.


Chances are good there is no other place quite like this on earth.


Sasa Pejčić couldn’t stand to see all the suffering of street dogs all around him — abused, underfed and lonely dogs were everywhere he looked. The only alternative to life on the streets was death at the hand of dogcatchers.  And he couldn’t let that happen.

So he started to bring in as many as he could afford to care for, and soon found himself running a shelter for hundreds upon hundreds of dogs.


With Pejčić, dogs who have never had a home get the medical care they need, all the food they want and soft beds to sleep in at night. They’re all spayed and neutered, and any dogs who might need wheels get them!

Most importantly, they have the love of caring humans, as well as a giant pack to play with!


Pejčić runs the shelter out of old riding stables he took over a few years back. His lifesaving work, and his small staff, is supported by The Harmony Fund, an American organization that works to aid small animal rescues around the world.

This shelter, and the 450 dogs who live there, rely mostly on donations for food and other expenses.


Without Pejčić, these dogs would have no home, no food and no hope. Thanks to him, their lives are basically doggie paradise.


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