Guy Recreates A Photo Of Him And His Dog 15 Years Later

Gordon Delacroix from Belgium got Birdy when he was 14, and they took a picture together when Birdy was a little pup.


Ten years later, Gordon decided to take another.


Then fifteen passed Birdy is getting old and was just diagnosed with cancer, and Gordon doesn’t know how much longer he has with his best friend. So he decided to recreate that same photo once more.


The pictures have been shared over 2 million times. “Five years ago I was just going through old pictures and stumbled upon that one, I checked in my wardrobe and (embarrassingly) the same sweater was still just sitting there so I thought why not redo the picture?” Delacroix told ABC News.


“The one I took yesterday was mostly because I thought people might enjoy it or find it interesting; it’s also a great memory to have of my best pal!”


The two grew up together, and when Gordon went away to university, he’d come back every weekend to spend some time with Birdy. When he graduated, Birdy moved in with him.

Now that Birdy is an older pup, he does aquatherapy for his legs and joints, and he still very much enjoys meeting other doggies at the park, Gordon said.


“He is definitely my best friend. He’s a part of me at this point,” Gordon told Daily Mail. “He could easily be great for another six months, but it’s also possible that he’ll get verysick again soon and this time for the last time.”

“It breaks my heart just to think about it, but we’ve had so many great years and adventures together. I’m grateful he was part of my life.”


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