Man Helps Soaking Wet Koala Find Safety During Flood

Everyone could use a helping hand during times of trouble and waterlogged koalas are certainly no exception.

While returning home from a job in South Australia, where heavy rains have caused flooding throughout the region, plumber Russell Latter came upon a very wet marsupial in the roadway near a bridge, looking more than a little confused by the waters rising around him.

wet koala

“I was walking behind him, urging him forward. When we got out of the thick of it, he saw a post and climbed up for a moment, excited to be up.”After a moment, the koala climbed back down and Latter guided him to the safety of a tall gum tree to ride out the flood.

“There were plenty of leaves, so he’ll be alright for a while,” he said. “By now, the waters have receded for the most part, but he might stay a few days. He just needed to give himself a good shake, to get the water off.”

wet koala

Afterward, Latter spoke with a wildlife expert who told him that koalas have thick, insulating fur and typically handle the rainy season well in trees. Thankfully, Latter was kind enough to assist him in finding one.

“I’m glad I was able to help. It felt good to get him out of harm’s way,” he said. “Everybody is happy to help a koala.”

wet koala

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