Man Finds Baby Bear Lying Next To Deceased Mother, So He Raises It Himself

As a child, Casey Anderson grew up in Montana and learned to appreciate and love wild animals.

His favorite animals were the bears and even today, he’s referred to as the “Animal Magnet.”

He’s devoted much of his life to working with animals, but one animal, in particular, has become the center of attention in Casey’s world, a big, brown bear named Brutus.

Man and bear

For the last 10 years Brutus the bear has been hanging out with Casey and the two of them have become the very best of friends.

Brutus who weighs about 800 pounds, was just a tiny cub when these two first met in the mountains of Alaska.

When Casey happened to come across the little bear, his mother had just died and the cub was sitting right next to her. Casey decided to adopt the bear cub and take care of him.

Man and bear

Casey founded the Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary when Brutus became to big to continue living inside of the house,

The sanctuary is educational, teaching people all about bears and how humans can help them to be removed from the endangered animals list.

Man and bear

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