A Viral Image Captures A Heartbreaking Look Into The Future

Climates change and will change forever!  This photograph is of a deceased polar bear the are  believed to have died of starvation shows exactly what climate change means for animals who live on vanishing ice.


The rising temperatures have caused the sea ice in the Arctic to melt, making hunting seals more and more difficult.  This is what helped cause what is known as the  sixth mass extinction , an unprecedented loss of life caused by human impacts on the planet.

According the new data provided by NASA,  the heating up of the Arctic is staggeringly unprecedented.

The bleak image is one of several heart stopping photographs in Arctica: The Vanishing North, by Sebastian Copeland.  Copeland wants to show the devastation caused by climate change, in a way that’s grim and terrifying specificity.


This may be all we have left one day very soon.

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