What This Lioness Does When She Finds This Tiny Fox Defies The Laws Of Nature

Lions are some of the most fearsome creatures in the animal kingdom, and for good reason. These predators easily outrun and outsmart their prey, making them the perfect killing machines.  So when this lioness approached an injured baby bat-eared fox in Botswana’s Central Kalahari Game Reserve, we truly feared the worst.

This poor fox was absolutely terrified and froze in fear when this lioness noticed him on a dirt road.


A hungry male lion spotted them and came looking for an easy meal.


This wasn’t a good situation.


Surprisingly the lioness decided to protect her now friend and no one was going to make a meal of her.


Surprisingly this lioness decided to protect her new friend, no one was going to make a meal of her…


She made everyone back off!


She even put this male lion in his place.


This lion wasn’t happy, but he left the fox alone.


The lioness returned to care for the babies.


Once the fox became stable and back on his feet, he ran off in a hurry!


Amazingly this mighty strong predator saved this tiny little fox’s life, when typically she would of been dinner.  Life and nature is full of little surprises.


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