This Woman Does An Amazing Kind Act On A Rainy Day

A women finds this newborn baby kitten in the rain and was left all alone.

She couldn’t even open her poor little eyes.

The newborn kitten couldn't even open her eyes yet, but here she was all alone.

The only thing she had was a paper bag.  She knew she had to scoop her up immediately if this little baby had any chance at survival at all.

Knowing she wouldn't survive here, Klaanigan's mother scooped the kitty up and put her in the only thing she had: a paper wrapper.

Once home, she immediately cleaned her with warm water and dried her off immediately.

She rushed the poor little kitten home to dry her off and give her a warm bottle.

Her new family named this precious newborn Iris.

The family named the kitten Iris and said that she's doing well now. What a little trooper!

We want to say “great job” to the amazing family that swooped in and saved Iris.  We hope she continues to thrive and enjoy her new forever home!

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