They Were Seconds From Incinerating Rotting Food And Something Precious That Didn’t Belong In Here

In Stockholm, Sweden these workers heard a tiny little meow coming from the inside of this stinky, rotting garbage incinerator.  So they knew they would have to dive into this pit of smelly pit of trash!

This is where they started.

This is what they were up against.

They had to shovel through this disgusting sludge.

They used a shovel and broom to carefully sift through all of the sludge...

Finally they found what was making the faint cries.

After 30 minutes, they saw this.

He was covered in this smelly, stinky trash but he was ok.

He was slimy, stinky, and repulsed by his own condition, but otherwise alright.
They immediately cleaned him up and gave him food and water.

After a bath at the shelter, he was still a little grumpy about the situation.

He starting perking up!

But he soon cheered up!

Immediately he was adopted by one of the workers!

Because one of the shelter workers adopted him not too long after he came in.
Thankfully these workers paid attention to the little faint meow from this precious little kitten that now has a new life.  Please share this with your loved ones and fellow animal lovers.