Man Discovers Something Unbelievable Under His Car When He Stops to Refill His Gas

After Vitaliy Bouranin had been driving for over 50 miles on his business trip to Sakhalin, Russia, he pulled over to refill his gas. That’s when he heard meowing and thus inspected under his car to see where it was coming from. A cat had managed to get himself into a very tight spot in one of the springs of the suspension of Vitaliy’s Toyota Land Cruiser.

Thankfully Vitaliy heard the cat’s cries for help.

kitten found 1

He had no idea how the cat got there. He had driven over 50 miles at speeds of 80 mph.

kitten found 2

took over 3 hours for the mechanics to free the poor feline.

kitten found 3

The kitty stayed calm while everyone helped to free him.

kitten found 4

Finally he was freed!

kitten found 5

The lucky cat has received lots of attention and people wanting to adopt him.

kitten found 6

Watch the video.


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