Meet Joe, He Has An Amazing Job For The Navy

Dogs don’t only have an incredible sense of smell for food.

Aside from being a big help on the police force with their trained ability to smell drugs and bombs, they also can sniff out health ailments. For example, research shows that pooches have the potential to detect cancer in their owners, as was the case with a woman named Maureen and her dog Max.

Below is another unbelievable dog named Joe, who has the power to smell stress. As part of the U.S. Department of Defense, his main job is to walk around the military base to see if any service members might have stress or depression. Cmdr. Joe, a black and tan labrador, has already helped more than 45 people, some of whom said they had suicide plans.

“We have this ability to do such a wonderful thing,” said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Tracy Krauss, a nurse at the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. “If we catch them in the beginning phases of ‘Hey, you know, I’m having a really bad time’ with whatever is going on, then we’ve saved the person a lot of heartache and trouble. Potentially, their family members, and in the long run, the Navy.”


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