See What This Adorable Husky Puppy Attempts To Do For The Very First Time!

We’ve have all done something new at one point in our lives. Whether you tried a new sport, or picked up a new hobby, or whatever it may be, you know that it can be tough at first.

What we don’t remember is how difficult is was to learn how to talk. This is something that happens before memories even start to form, but I guarantee you that it wasn’t a walk in the park. No matter how big of an overachiever you might be, this is not a skill that comes overnight. It takes months and years of practice to get it right and make any type of sense at all.

Take this baby, for example. She’s so close to forming actual words, but she’s just not quite there. Her grandma just has to take her best guess as to what the conversation is about. It’s absolutely adorable!

Then there’s this little one who’s less concerned with talking to people and would really just like to have a nice conversation with the family dog. Too funny! It’s no different for puppies learning to bark, or in this case, howl.

It takes a lot of practice and doesn’t always go that well in the beginning. But it might just be the cutest thing in the whole world!


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