How To Speak So Your Dog Will Listen


The way to have a successful relationship with your dog is much like the recipe for success in any of your relationships – you will have a positive relationship once you’re able to focus on filling the true needs of your dog. Focusing on what you can give to your dog helps you savor the moments when you do get what you’d like to be getting, and to realize that in the moments when your dog is “misbehaving” you’re simply getting a message about how your dog’s needs are not being met. If you consistently give your dog a way to resolve the emotional energy that they’re experiencing, then your dog will be completely in tune with you no matter how emotionally charged the situation you might be in.

Communicate in a language that your dog truly understands
It is possible to learn a completely new way of interacting with and training your dog. You can build a dynamic, magnetic, heart-centered bond with your dog based on trust and understanding. In transforming your relationship with your dog, you can be relaxed and confident that your dog will listen to you – especially in energized situations.

This course gives you practical solutions for:

    • How to find out what’s at the root of any problem behaviors you’re experiencing and stop them at their source
    • How to communicate with your dog in a language that your dog truly understands
    • How to use “problem” moments to build an even stronger bond with your dog
    • How you and your dog can both stay focused and relaxed, even in the middle of intense situations
    • How to tap into your dog’s emotional experience to develop a magnetic bond between the two of you
    • Getting out of your own way when you’re building your relationship with your dog
    • Understanding how your dog feels the world – and how to use that information as you play and train
    • How to work with your dog’s energy using fun, unique games that strengthen your relationship AND your training

What people are saying
“I have been doing this training for about a month now and I notice a difference in my dog. Doing these lessons from the beginning improved his obedience skills 100%. He also has the best recall and heel in his class thanks to Neil.” – Luann

“I’m now into week 6 and really impressed with this method.” – Tazi

“This course is the best deal on the internet for dog training.” – Michael

“This is an amazing process and it has changed me and my dog in amazing ways and I know this will continue as long as I continue to practice and am willing to learn what my dog (and Neil, of course) has to teach me.” – Joyce

“Neil has an extraordinary understanding of dogs. Just as importantly, he understands people too. After all, successful dog training is at least as much about training us as training our dogs! Neil sensitively and generously shares his wealth of knowledge about dog behavior, clearly explaining and modeling effective dog training techniques. Through Neil, I learned to channel my dog’s “energetic” nature and tap into her deepest canine desires so that she wanted to behave in a way that met my expectations.” – Lois

“My relationship with Aengus is so much more satisfying now and I look forward to making the bond even stronger.” – Don

“Our dogs are doing great! Especially Roxy. I’ve seen her handle some things recently that would have just thrown her over the edge before. Like a friend’s dog she never met, running right up to her nose, and then pushing into her chest, and all Roxy did was sniff him. How awesome is that?” – Sang

“I have been using the Neil’s recommended tug play and ball play since December and just that was helpful in getting my dog to give me his attention more readily.” – M.K.

“Neil does a great job of explaining the basics of the philosophy, methodology and techniques of Natural Dog Training in a simple, easy to understand manner.”

“Neil takes you through the lessons step-by-step as he coaches you through simple techniques that anyone can do.” – Anthony

“I have had great luck with this Natural Dog Training technique for jumping up.” – Josh

About Neil Sattin
Neil Sattin is one of the world’s leading experts on Natural Dog Training, a form of dog training that uses a dog’s emotional awareness of the world to solve problems and elicit obedience. He has been featured in print, on radio, and on TV throughout North America, teaching unique techniques to give people a closer, more responsive relationship with their dogs. Neil is also a member of the founding certification class of the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, and he coaches people on relationships and personal development along with helping them with their canine companions. In 2009 he released Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals, which is currently the only complete video instruction available for Natural Dog Training techniques.