Hundreds Gather To Honor This Special K-9 Cop Killed In The Line Of Duty

Canton Police Officer Ryan Davis and his K9 partner, Jethro, were investigating a break-in when shots were fired. Jethro was critically wounded. He died in the hospital with Officer Davis by his side.


Police Officer Ryan Davis and his partner were investigating a break-in at a grocery store in Canton, OH. The instant Officer Davis heard gunshots, it was already too late. His partner was struck three times, leaving him critically wounded.

But Davis’ partner was a K-9 officer — a beautiful two-year-old German shepherd named Jethro. The Davis family got Jethro when he was just a puppy. Jethro quickly formed an incredible bond with the officer’s young daughter, and was able to switch between home and work life with ease and comfort.

“He was a fighter,” a devastated Davis told Fox8. “He fought extremely hard… there came a time at the hospital when the vet told me with that look that there was nothing else they could do. I just needed to let him go be in peace.”

On January 14, 2016, the Canton community came together to honor Jethro at a funeral service on what would have been his third birthday. Over 100 police dogs walked in procession to honor their fallen, four-legged comrade.

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Officer Davis says Jethro saved his life, and he would “trade places with him in a heartbeat.”


Jethro wasn’t just a K-9 hero. He was also a beloved part of the Davis family, who got Jethro at just 8-weeks-old. He remained loyal and protective to the end.


The funeral services, which included a procession of 100 fellow K9 officers, spared no expense. There was even a bright white flower arrangement in the shape of a dog bone proudly displayed atop Jethro’s casket.



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