A Homeless Man Rescues An Abandoned Dog That Will Forever Change Their Lives

This is an amazing story of a homeless man and the effects of rescuing an abandoned dog would have on both of their lives.

About a year ago, Bernard Holland took in an abandoned dog and named him Oreo.  They have not left one another’s ever since!

Bernard and Oreo had some hard times and were homeless, but they were never alone.

The temperatures went below zero in Indianapolis, but they would keep each other warm.

Bernard knew he couldn’t stay with his sister, even though she had a warm and cozy home, for he couldn’t stay there with his dog Oreo.

Then these two got a break thanks to caring  people willing to help them BOTH.

He was sitting up his tent on another freezing day when a volunteer, Melissa Burgess witnessed this.  She contacted Wigglebutt Dog House and explained what she had seen and they immediately gave Oreo and Bernard a warm place to stay.

This was the chance Bernard, 53, needed to put his life back on track.

He and Oreo moved into a nearby Hotel and he works at Wigglebutts Dog House doing maintenance and painting jobs.

Bernard has a best friend that has been through some really tough times together.  Oreo was very thin, both were homeless and were very sad.  Today Bernard is a new man and has high spirits and is full of energy and pride.

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