Homeless Dog Finds Forever Home 5,000 Miles Away

For years, a golden retriever named Hero was living on the streets of Istanbul. Born with a deformed elbow joint and a crooked front leg, the starving pup was in desperate need of love and medical attention. Then, finally, a miracle came.

Hero and 35 of his golden friends were rescued by Adopt a Golden Atlanta and were flown 5,000 miles to find their forever families. According to the animal rescue, this was the largest known rescue of golden retrievers internationally!

Weeks later in Atlanta, Chuck and Lisa Taylor were looking for a friend for their one-eyed golden rescue named Jack and spotted Hero during an adoption event. According to Hero’s handler, the dog had never been touched and hadn’t let anyone rub his belly. But when the Taylors met Hero, it was love at first sight. Hero rolled over for a belly rub.

“Rescue dogs make the world’s greatest companions. I’m convinced that they know,” Chuck told USA Today. “There’s something really special about rescuing a dog.” Hero is adjusting to his new home and having fun with his family.

“He fit right in,” Lisa said. “It was one of those things like, well there you are, like the person you’ve been waiting for the whole time.”


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