A Lady Made This Strange And Unusual Mixture, Rubbed It On Her Dog And A Miracle Happend

No one likes the job of checking our dogs for ticks and flees come every summer.  It is time consuming and the medicine and trips to the vet can get expensive.  But you will be happy to hear there’s a much easier way to get rid of fleas and ticks and prevent them from ever coming back again.  And the best part is you can make this with stuff you’ve already got hanging around the house.

1. Prepare a solution of water, apple cider vinegar, and soap.


2. Add a few drops of lavender or cedar oil. They smell great and both fleas and ticks HATE the aroma.


3. Then, make sure you’re wearing long sleeves and gloves. Fleas are known to jump off dogs and on to humans.


4. Rub the solution all over your dog until they’re pretty well saturated. It’s best to do this outside to save yourself the extra clean up!


5. Get a flea comb and carefully work it through your dog’s coat, removing any remaining fleas.


6. Check again for ticks and remove the last stragglers.


7. Give your dog one more rinse with the solution. You’ll be left with a clean and very happy puppy!


This formula is a life saver.  No more harmful chemicals and flees combs, this is a natural solution for those annoying  ticks and flees and it is all ingredients that you most likely have right in your home!

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