Here’s The Real And Glaring Truth Everyone Missed About The Viral Dog In A Bath Video


This dog’s name is Rudy. Rudy was taking his magical bath for medical reasons. Sadly he has  lived through hell, and his skin had been wrecked, and some good people were trying to make him feel better. Rudy only lived about five months more after this video was taken. They were a great five months. They’d just started making up for the horror that had come before.  We hope this might inspire someone else to do some good for a dog who could really use it.


In New York City, back in November 2014 this young abused dog had been discovered half-dead in a bucket, covered by a sheet.Rudy’s skin had been burned, he had gaping wounds. He was also emaciated, and covered in feces, and had a broken leg,


Rudy was understandably terrified. He had been in multiple shelters before he was taken in by a rescue group that specializes in helping the worst-off animals. Courtney Bellew, director of the Northeast chapter of Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR) said:

“He ducked his head in fear whenever I would go to touch him, but was so grateful I was there and showing him a kind hand. At the time, I was truly shocked and heartbroken.”


The bath video was taken in February 2015. By then, Rudy had been in foster care for around four months. He’d had daily lavender infused baths, during that time, to try to heal his skin. As you can see from Rudy’s relaxed demeanor, and became  easy-going and had began to trust people and realized  that humans could be good, and kind.

He’d made best friends with a little lamb, who was also in the care of his veterinarian foster parents (who have remained anonymous).


But all this care couldn’t save him. Sadly, Rudy died in July.

Rudy had Cushing disease and a fractured leg that never healed properly.  He also  had slipped discs in his back, which may or may not have been related to his abuse but were debilitating and painful either way.

Bellew told BarkPost:

“He lost complete use of all four of his legs, yet his foster mom and dad continued carrying him and caring for him. When they no longer felt they could manage Rudy’s pain and he let them know it was time, they made the excruciating decision to let him go. We were all devastated.”


Bellew said it’s been “bittersweet” seeing Rudy’s bath video going viral, half a year after his death.

“I love that his adorable little face and this sweet video won the hearts of so many, and brings smiles to people’s faces. But it makes me incredibly sad to know that we couldn’t give Rudy more time on this earth as a spoiled and loved boy.”

She’d like for some of the millions of people, who’ve loved watching Rudy eat biscuits while taking a bath, to be inspired to help other dogs that have not had a good life and to  donate to SNARR, or opening their own homes to a foster dog.

Some of the dogs SNARR is now helping a dog named Bear. Unbelievably he was thrown from a truck and then hit by a car. Another is named Reyna, she  is  a puppy mill survivor and the victim of botched eye surgery.


Then they havve Bradley, a little pit bull pup with severe scoliosis whose body is so contorted he can’t walk. At least not yet.

Bradley has a neurosurgeon on his case, who, Bellew says,

“…going to be doing an innovative spine stapling surgery to try and help straighten Bradley’s spine as he grows. We are very hopeful that he will one day be able to run and play.”


It is so hard when you have committed yourself to working with animals who have suffered the most. But there’s a lot of hope. That’s what Bellew likes thinking about when it comes to Rudy. Not that he didn’t make it, but that he tried – that they all tried.

We would like Rudy remembered exactly how he is in his video. Relaxed, happy and very loved. A beautiful boy with a beautiful and fighting spirit.

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We hope you enjoyed knowing the the Real And Glaring Truth Everyone Missed About The Viral Dog In A Bath Video and will share this amazing dogs name Rudy story and pray as he is on the otherside of the rainbow bridge, running and healthy and happy as we see him at We Love All Animals. It’s the only way we can see him.

You can find out more about the animals S.N.A.R.R. Animal Rescue Northeast is caring for on the group’s Facebook page if you like.


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