Eventually, Gabby would keep to herself for most of the day, and she wasn’t interacting much with Grandma. Grandma wasn’t able to eat much anymore, and had dropped toomuch weight. They were both nearing the end, and Gabby was ready.

Grandma took her to the vet and together they decided the best thing to do would be to put her to sleep. Grandma held Gabby and comforted her as she closed her eyes for the last time.

Grandma lost her best friend and, perhaps, her soul mate. After Gabby was gone, Grandma went home and took a nap on the couch. She never woke up.

She died four hours after Gabby. Maybe it was just her time and a strange coincidence, maybe she died of a broken heart or maybe their souls couldn’t be separated.

Nowadays, my dog and I are just as obsessed with one another as Grandma and Gabby were. And I have Grandma to thank for instilling in me the importance of having pets and loving them hard.

I like to think that Gabby was there in spirit to comfort Grandma as she took her last breath, just as Grandma did for Gabby a few hours earlier.

They are buried together, and I’m certain their bond is still just as strong as it was when they were two little old ladies loving life and each other.


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