He Showed Up On Just The Perfect Doorstep Christmas Night

It was chance that brought this dog to a sympathetic doorstep on Christmas Day and they carried him to the care and attention he so desperately needed.

So this battered holiday orphan was given the name Chance, he was found wandering a yard in Michigan City, Indiana, with broken bones and a mouth taped shut.

“Friends and I were celebrating Christmas when a stray dog came into the back yard,” a poster claimed on Reddit.

Chance was rushed to North Central Emergency Veterinary Center. Then Sherri Christopher of animal rescue group Guardians of the Green Mile got the call.

She was at home, eating Chinese food on Christmas Day, and nursing another battered dog that was a refugee from fighting ring name Edwin, when the Veterinarian called.

A dog had been brought in by a Good Samaritan. Both hips broken. Foam coming out of his nose. He could scarcely breathe.

A mass of dead tissue had to be removed from Chance’s mouth. His upper lips were almost gone completely, rubbed down to his gums.  The group believes his hips were stomped on.

The surgical costs would be high. Would the Guardians be able to help?

“And I said, ‘Absolutely, we’re going to stand up for this guy. He’s got the will. We’ve got the backing.'”

The bones will eventually mend. So too, his mouth. All that remains is his heart. And Chance is already showing signs that is healing also!

“His personality was really what saved his life,” Says Christoper.

And his tail doesn’t stop wagging!


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For updates on Chance’s road to recovery and information on when he will be ready for adoption, follow Guardians of the Green Mile on Facebook.

You can also help support dogs like Chance by making a donation to Guardians of the Green Mile here.