His Dog Is So Terrified Of A Ride In The Car, So What He Does To Calm Her Down.

This is Shiro, a 10-month-old Shiro is afraid of car rides, and the only way she calms down is if her dad holds her paw! It’s no wonder this video has been seen over three million times.

In an effort to explain Shiro’s strange need for affection, he says:

“My dog started doing this when she was 9 months old randomly. The video is of a 10 minute commute I do most days highlighting some parts of the trip.

Just to address some of the people posting she is anxious in the car, I agree. But she only really does this when I go on this specific route, she knows that I will be leaving her for a few hours to go to work Itake her to my parents they have a huge backyard to run around in. Any other time I go out she’s a lot more calm and just watches out the window, but still holds onto my hand!

– I drive a manual car. So I drive with one hand a lot of the time anyways if you could see more to the left my left hand is always on the wheel I never drove with my “knees” also I don’t speed with my dog in the car…
– She is restrained albeit not as well as she should be the leash you see is actually hooked up to the car chair.
– Does she have car sickness? No. She has never been car sick or my carpets would know. My best guess is she doesn’t like me leaving her alone at the end of the ride for a few hours. She is very attached.
– Video was taken early Feb and obviously it was freezing outside Shiro might not have minded but i would have haha! I leave the window down all the time now and she loves it.”


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