Heartbroken Guardian Was Worried His Lost Pup Was Gone Forever, Then He Got a Call That Changed Everything!


For pet parents, the thought of losing a beloved dog or cat is absolutely heart wrenching. We do our best to keep our four-legged friends in a safe space where they can’t easily slip away and we always make sure their leashes and collars are secure whenever we step outside. But sometimes, no matter how careful you may be, some crazy disaster happens and causes you to lose track of your furry BFF. In the video above, we see the rescue of a small pup who appeared to be a stray but was, in fact, a lost pet

A kind woman contacted Hope for Paws to help get the frightened dog out from under her car, assuming the dog was homeless. When the awesome rescue team finally managed to coax the pup out of her hiding spot, they scanned her for a microchip and discovered her name was Luna and she had a forever family. Thanks to the chip, they were able to contact Luna’s guardian and arrange for their glorious reunion!

Seeing the sheer joy on Luna’s guardian’s face and the happy face licks from the overjoyed pup will make your day! This sweet video comes with the poignant reminder to always microchip and register your pets – it can make all the difference!

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