This Gorilla Spent 5 Years Alone Finally Meets Another Gorilla For The First Time. His Reaction is Priceless!

Meet Parry, a five-year-old gorilla, was stolen from the forest as a baby after his mother was killed, and kept as a pet. When he grew too big, his owner sadly abandoned him. Recently, villagers in Cameroon, West Africa, spotted the gorilla who was all alone. But Parry had no idea that after that moment, his entire life was about to change. Since Parry was too tame to go back to the wild on his own, and also because it wasn’t a good idea to anyway considering gorillas in that area are illegally hunted for their meat, wildlife authorities helped bring him to a sanctuary.


He was brought to the Mefou Primate Sanctuary, which is run by Ape Action Africa. There, he lived in quarantine until he was strong and healthy enough to be around other gorillas. After spending so much time alone his entire life, Parry didn’t even know what it was like to have a companion. Now, that opportunity finally came.


The sanctuary recently introduced Parry to one of their other gorillas named Chris. The two had been living in sight of each other but were not able to meet until now. Their meeting took place in the confines of a cage to maximize safety and enable staff to carefully monitor all aspects of the interaction. They were unsure of how Parry would react to being with another gorilla, but the outcome was amazing. Parry is absolutely fascinated by Chris and the two got along instantly. They rolled around on the floor together, playing and wrestling until they grew tired.


“We can never replace the family that Parry has lost, but we have made a lifelong commitment to providing him with friendship and happiness amongst our other gorilla orphans,” Ape Action Africa wrote.


Soon, the girl gorillas there will get a chance to meet Parry and the other boys, which will make Parry one step closer to having a new family and returning to live in a natural, forest environment.



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