Golden Retriver Plunges Over Falls And Is Lost In Canada Wilderness For 10 days. Then This Emotional Reunion

After seven-year-old Golden Retriever mix Kali disappeared into the turbulent whitewater rapids, her owner feared the worst.

Kali3 (1)

David Kareken and his son Zachary had been camping in Quetico Provincial Park, a Canadian reserve just north of the Minnesota-Ontario border. Kali had been swept away quickly by the dangerous current, and after a frantic search that went nowhere, the family was forced to confront their worst fears.

Kareken gave the dog’s description to the forest service in the event Kali washed up somewhere, but he didn’t get his hopes up. As an experienced rafter, he knew all about the dangerous currents in the area. Kareken calls the situation a “nightmare”. Two weeks went by, and the family began to process their grief. Then, out of nowhere, Kareken received a phone call from the park.


A dog matching Kali’s description had been spotted on an island by campers, who lured the dog to them with food and alerted the park. The dog was rescued and airlifted to safety, and the park began asking if anyone had lost a dog in the area. Because of how large the park is, it took a while for them to reach the forest service…but when they did, they immediately remembered Kareken.


“I don’t know what powers of the universe were working on this,” said Kareken, when remembering the ordeal. He says he fell to his knees, overcome with emotion when he got the news.

Kali was thinner after her adventure in the wilderness, but was otherwise in shockingly good condition.


You can see a video of the touching reunion below and just be warned, you might want to have a box of tissues handy before you press play. Now that the dog is home safe, she probably won’t be going on any whitewater rafting trips soon.


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