These Golden Retrieves Thought He Was Drowning, Now Watch What All Twelve Of Them Do!

If you’ve ever had Golden Retrievers, you know they LOVE to swim as much as possible. It’s almost impossible to get them out of the water if you have a pool or a body of water nearby. And if their owner is in the water? Forget it. They won’t get out until they do.

This is exactly what happens in this super cute video; just multiply the golden retriever factor by 5. There are so many of them! And they all swim so well. Some of them are already in the water, while others jump in as the fun increases.

The more the merrier is the rule for these pups as their human swims around the pier. It’s almost like they all thought he was drowning and jumped in the water to rescue him! They will NOT stop until he’s safe! How cute are they?


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