This German Shepherd Guards A Screaming Child, Then Grandma Looks Closer At The Dog’s Paw And Couldn’t Believe What He Had Done!

Molly and Haus were playing poolside in their screened-in yard when her grandmother saw the 68-pound dog jumping around frantically and snapping his teeth. When she walked outside and to make sure everything was okay, she realized a snake was attacking the pair. But not just any snake , a deadly  eastern diamondback rattlesnake, known as the most venomous species of snake in all of North America.

Terrified and locked in a state of panic, Molly’s grandmother then witnessed Haus do the unthinkable. The protective pup stood his ground, standing between Molly and the snake. He risked his life to save Molly’s, as the snake bit him several times as he tried to shield Molly from the attack.


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