What These Scientist Recovered And Dug Up Is Mind Blowing

This past summer these scientists in Siberia managed to unearth one of these very treasures. the whole bodies of two prehistoric animals.  This was an amazing discovery was but it wasn’t until now that they truly understood the scope of what they found.


These layers are ideal for the preservation of organic bodies and every so often, as the earth shifts, they give up their wonderful treasures for study. At the far northern reaches of the world, layers of perennially frozen soil called permafrost hold great secrets of the past.


Scientists sometimes come across prehistoric carcasses so well preserved that their meat is still edible.


What these scientists recently discovered in the Sakha Republic is totally amazing,two perfectly preserved cave lion cubs.


The Eurasian cave lion (Panthera spelaea) is believed to be one of the largest lions ever to walk the Earth. They standard height of about four feet.



Only fragments of the long-extinct species, which lived during the middle and late Pleistocene eras, had ever been found.


The perfect frozen specimens will give scientists a whole new insight into this long-lost creatures and perhaps help solve the mystery of why they died off some 10,000 years ago. 

The cubs will go on display with a collection of other preserved Pleistocene animals next month for the world to see.


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