You Will Never Guess What They Found On The Side Of The Road…

This is a frog but looks like a turtle and stranger than it sounds!

Meet the turtle frog. It’s all frog and no turtle, but it certainly doesn’t look that way.


They are found in Western Australia, between Geraldton and Fitzgerald River in the Perth region.

Their backs don’t have shells, and they come in a variety of colors, from pink to dark brown.

5-turtle-frog1 (1)

They can grow to almost two inches in length.


Unlike most frogs, turtle frogs have heads that are distinct from their bodies. 


Turtle frogs burrow in the sand like their relatives, sandhill frogs.


Their limbs may look short, but they can be surprisingly muscular.


Perhaps the strangest thing about turtle frogs is that they don’t have tadpoles. They go straight from an egg to being fully-formed.


They are very strange little fella’s that’s for sure!


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