During A Fireworks Display They Get A Call About A Frightened Dog, What They Found…

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Hello everybody. I have been running non-stop this weekend with so many calls about terrified dogs running on the streets… scared out of their minds of fireworks.

One person called to report a dog running on the road away from kids playing with fireworks, and while she was on the phone with me, the dog was hit by a car and died… I didn’t even have a chance of saving this dog.

Other people call me and tell me their dog got scared, ran away, and sadly, most of them tell me the dog doesn’t have a collar with a name tag or a microchip.

Last night we got lucky, and after many hours of trying, we were able to save one little dog that kind of looks like Lola from the video below. l will post the story when I have a free moment (I don’t have too many of those these days).

Please SHARE this video and remind all your friends to keep their pets safe! Kids will probably play with fireworks for the next couple of week, so please have your guard up!

The stress of dealing with a disaster like this must be the worst thing ever! This is totally preventable – just keep them safe. Please.




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