These Golfers Couldn’t Believe What They Were Seeing, This Is Hilarious!

A couple of golfers in England had a minor standoff with the creature when he tried to steal one of their golf clubs covers multiple times. The fox sneakily approaches the golf club cover before pouncing on it and taking it away, only to drop it after a few seconds of being chased by one of the golfers.

And you would think that the fox would understand that he is not supposed to be picking up things that aren’t his after being chased by a human. But there he is again, picking up what doesn’t belong to him! He’s another animal acting exactly like one of our pups! The golf cover is moved once more, but the crafty fox runs away with it for a third time, dropping it after being chased yet again  this time much farther than the previous two times.

And clearly, this fox has had enough! The golfer picks up his golf cover and waltzes back toward the camera when he stops being the pursuer and starts being chased by the fox himself! Watch how the man hilariously falls to the ground just before the creature slinks back into the forest.

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