This Pit Bull Has A Higher Calling Than Finding A Forever Home…

An abandoned pit bull was saved from a kill shelter by a California charity called Insight Animal Rescue. Like with all rescues, the plan was to find Cher a family and a forever home. She had been placed in four different homes and none of them worked out for various reasons. It turns out that Cher has a special gift herself, she is the angel for other dogs that are being rescued.

Cher helps the other rescues settle in and building up their confidence before sending them off to forever homes. This was meant to be all along.

Two rescued Chihuahuas find comfort with Cher.

pit bull foster home

The new pups just love to nap with Cher…

pit bull foster home

…And other times they can get a little rowdy. But Cher is always on her best behavior as if she was their Mommy. 🙂

pit bull foster home

Cher has become such a huge part of the organization. The confidence she helps build up in the rescues is priceless.

pit bull foster home

Cher is the perfect foster mom.

‘I had no idea she would respond the way she did. Maybe it’s because she too is a rescue and she feels that connection or maybe it’s her way of being the mom she never was,’ Anelli said.

‘Either way, I know the pups we rescue appreciate a loving lick and understanding paw pat on the head when they first get out of the shelter.’

What a beautiful story. I guess fate had other plans for Cher, and who can argue with fate and destiny.


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