This Brave, Stubby-Tailed Pit Bull Was America’s First War Dog


We would like you all to meet Stubby, Sergeant Stubby to be more accurate. He’s a decorated WWI Hero, friend to presidents, and a total looker.


In 1917, Stubby, a Pit Bull puppy with a “stubbed” tail, was living on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut near an Army training camp at Yale University. It was there that a private named J. Robert Conroy found and adopted Stubby.


Stubby underwent major training at camp. He learned to respond to bugle calls, marched with the troops and saluted fellow soldiers. When it came time for Conroy to ship out, he smuggled Stubby aboard the USS Minnesota in his overcoat.


Stubby was smart enough to know the difference between English and German. He used these skills to determine which wounded soldiers to help on the battlefield. His language skills also came in handy in France. Stubby sniffed out a German spy, bit him on the butt and held on until help arrived! Good dog!


For this act of valor, Stubby became the first war dog ever to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant. This meant he now outranked his human, Corporal Conroy.


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