At One Point In This Abused, Earless Pit Bulls Life, Her Only Purpose Was To Reproduce Again And Again, Until She Met Stephanie!

This dog, Nana, only purpose was to have litter after litter and had no life of her own.  Her owner kept her in a cage and allowed her health and spirit deteriorate and didn’t ever care or have any  concerns for her.  Finally at the age of 8, she was rescued and now is experiencing love, good health and true happiness.

Earless Nana, is so happy with her life now .

As you can see, Nana absolutely loves her life now.

Nana has had a very rough and difficult life.  But is finally on the road to health and happiness.

But she wasn't always a contender for happiest pup on the planet...quite the opposite, in fact.

Sadly, she had bout 14+ litter of puppies.  That’s about two litters every year, totally unsafe and unhealthy to say the least.

Her vet estimates she had 14+ litters of puppies in her lifetime. That's about two litters per year.

Amazing she has the sweetest and kindest disposition even after all the years of neglect.

Not only was this sweetheart treated like a means to an end — an object — she was also neglected.

The vets believe she lost her ears due to the botched ear-clipping procedure she had done when she was a puppy.

Her vets can only guess that she's left with no ears due to a botched ear-clipping procedure when she was very young.

They wanted Nana to have the stereotypical “rough and tough pit bull” look with those pointy looking ears.  Ironically this isn’t Nana disposition, she is amazingly kind and loving!

The breeders wanted her to look like the stereotypical "tough pit bull," with pointy ears...obviously not who Nana is at all.

Her poor teeth were almost completely gone when they saved her.

Her teeth were almost all gone when she was rescued, too.

Poor thing had problems chewing her food.

She has no problem chowing down on food...

But she slowing became like all others, chewing and destroying furniture just like other doggies~!

...destroying toys, and nibbling on furniture just like any other dog, though!

Stephanie Doris took Nana into her care in 2013, and Nana learned to love and trust her and other people and has a totally new life.  THANK YOU  Stephanie, you are a wonderful person.

Since Stephanie Doris took Nana into her home in 2013, the pup has learned to trust humans and enjoy the world around her.

Good luck in your career as a medical student, you will be a wonderful doctor!

Now they're inseparable.

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