Dying Dog Gets First Warm Bath. His Reaction Will Put You In Tears!

A real estate agent, devoted dog lover and part-time volunteer–Animal Rescue board member Casey Lawrence, 25, discovered Rambo while showing a property. He was at death’s doors, lost in the woods, his body in shock, surrounded by animal carcasses and carrion birds.

Thankfully luck was on his side and although the critical ordeal, Rambo pulled through. He’s now being cared for and snatched from the brink of oblivion and searching for a home.

Check the photos below and witness the amazing transformation of a bait dog who was beaten by life, but by the grace of some really kind people, managed to pull through despite the odds.

Isn’t it heartwarming to witness such a comeback? If you see a dog in a similar a situation in real life, it’s easy to assume he is done for. But this baby put on the fight of a lifetime and made it!


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