Meet Bee, A Boy’s Best Friend

This little boy as a buddy that is always by his side!


This lucky little guy swims with both a rubber and a real duck!


Bee, the duck joined the family when Tyler was just over a year old and he was a tiny duckling.  They have been best buddy ever since.

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Not surprisingly “duck” was Tyler’s first word.  These two did everything together, play, ear, even napping.  They even wore diapers together!


“From the time these two get up till the time they go to bed, it’s chaos,” says mom,  Young.


These two can tear Tyler’s room apart in five minutes flat, and then look equally guilty when they are caught!

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Bee is very protective of his little buddy.  If Tyler begins to cry, Bee is right there to see if he is okay and to protect!


This family  has kept pet ducks for many years. She’s had a dozen or more of them at a time but they have been outside pets until Bee.

“At first I laughed put loud when I learned people kept ducks inside wearing a diaper,” Young says. “Bee is just as loyal, smart, and sweet as any dog or cat.”


None of this is strange for Tyler, he’s never known life without his feathered, diapered friend.  He will tell you there is no better buddy to have than a duck!


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