Dogs Who Just Don’t Know How To Respect Personal Space

We love our dog more than anything. They are sweet, obedient, and love to cuddle. But they can try my patience by taking up more than their fair share of space.

1. “Oh, didn’t see you there.”


2. I just want to snuggle.


3. “I’m sorry, did you want to poop in peace?”


4. “Oh were you going to sit here?”

Dog-dont-respect-space4 (1)

5. “We’re napping.”

Dog-dont-respect-space5 (1)

6. Two peas in a very sleepy pod.

Dog-dont-respect-space6 (1)

7. “Lets get to work.”

Dog-dont-respect-space7 (1)

8. Who doesn’t love car rides?

Dog-dont-respect-space8 (1)

9. Down for the count!

Dog-dont-respect-space9 (1)

10. Really?