UPDATE: They Were Saved From A Kill Shelter At The Last Minute, But Still No Forever Home…

A few months ago we told you about about two dogs, Kala and Keira, who were in a kill shelter, hours from being put down. That’s when a real-life miracle happened: someone shared a photo on Facebook that showed the two dogs hugging, with the caption: “if no one saves us, someone will take her away from me.”

The photo immediately went viral, and animal lovers everywhere scrambled to find a home for the dogs. Thankfully, they were saved at the last minute… but their journey was still far from over.

This is Kala and Keira sitting in a Georgia kill shelter and were scheduled to be put down.  After someone shared this photo, a campaign was launched to find them a home.


The dogs were eventually rescued by Angels Among Us, but they still didn’t have their forever home.

dogs-kill-shelter-update-2 Wendy and Pam were longtime friends and roommates and had just lost a pair of dogs to old age when they saw Kala and Keira’s story in the media. They knew immediately that they found their new best friends.


On October 25th, Pam and Wendy made that very special phone call and Kala and Keira finally entered their new home!!


Pam and Wendy have already formed a strong bond with their new family members in a matter of days.


“It just fell together,” Pam wrote on Facebook. “We turned our tears into smiles with these two young, playful dogs.”



It appears these four were truly meant to be together, as if it was from the moment they met.  Congratulation Pam and Wendy, we here, at We Love All Animals couldn’t be happier or more proud of your new loving family.

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