IKEA’s Puppy Parking Lot Put A Stop To Dogs Being Left In Dangerous Hot Car

The IKEA store in Cologne, Germany recently built a space for people to drop off their dogs before entering the store. Like a puppy parking lot. A Barking lot!

The outdoor space is arranged with platforms covered in AstroTurf and equipped with a hitching post to park your pup while you shop.


Each platform is also furnished with its own water bowl, so dogs can stay hydrated while patiently waiting for their hoomans to finish shopping.


It’s adorable, but more importantly, prevents shoppers from leaving their dogs to overheat in the car!

Charming and practical… sounds like a certain brand of Scandinavian furniture I know.


Now, if only they could hire the Ikea Monkey as a puppy-parking-lot valet.“3-legged Shepherd mix? I’ll bring her to front for you.”


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