15 Dogs Who Have No Idea What Your Baby Is…

You brought home a new puppy for your dog to play with, and she’s delighted…but admittedly a bit confused. You see, this strange new puppy has no fur, its nose isn’t cold, and it has no tail to wag. It is, in fact, one of the most bizarre things your dog has ever seen.

She loves it very, very much, really, she does, and plays with it all of the time, but can’t quite figure out how such a puppy came to be. Ah well. Such are life’s little mysteries.

1. “What strange, hairless creature have you brought me?”

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2. “You apparently dress it in fuzzy costumes to make up for its lack of fur.”


3. “My, what strange paws you have…”


4. “It walks around all silly, like this!”

4. "It walks around all silly, like this!"

5. “And it’s always clinging to me with its little claw paws.”


6. “Why are its ears so small and flat?”


7. “It doesn’t return my friendly sniffs.”


8. “Its face is chubby, and curiously lacks whiskers.”

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9. “Its barks and whines are odd to my ears.”


11. “It likes to chew things, but its teeth don’t seem very sharp.”

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12. “How come it doesn’t have to pee outside like me?”


13. “I just don’t understand where it came from or how it came to be. It’s like some kind of alien…”

13. "I just don't understand where it came from or how it came to be. It's like some kind of alien..."

14. “Yes, this creature may be a strange puppy…”


15. “But it is, without a doubt, a puppy.”



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