When The Rescue Team Was Called By Concerned Neighbors, They Weren’t Prepared For What They Found Inside Of This Empty Home

Guardians of Rescue is a wonderful organization that rescues and saves dogs.  They have seen many of terrible situations and this was another rescue that pulled at their heart strings.

When they arrived to this home, the people had been evicted and just left these two to care for themselves, alone!  One was left in a crate and the other was just roaming alone in the empty house.

Concerned neighbors called the rescue team about the two dogs who were anxiously barking away in the empty home. When they arrived to find a horrible situation, there was filth everywhere.  The only reason the dogs weren’t starving was because the neighbors had been throwing  food for them through an open window.

When they got to the dogs, they were happy and wagging their tails and wanted to be helped.

The female dog rescued is named Sky and has a forever home, while “Max” is in a caring foster home.

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