Dogs Kept Alone In Basement Were Rescued Just In Time To Become Great Moms!

These five dogs were living  all alone on one property, three  of them lived in a  flooded basement and the other two were in  shed,  just waiting for the moment they were discovered.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC heard about the abandoned dogs and knew they need to act fast.


“They have no human contact and get fed when someone shows up, which is approximately three times per week,” Stacey Silverstein of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC told The Dodo. The neglective owner would not  give them up. The finally a small victory, rescuers were able to save one dog, Pocahontas  just in time for her to give birth to 12 puppies. Eight of them survived.


Pocahontas was a good mommy and  It was a happy ending for Pocahontas and her babies, but the four other dogs who’d been living on the property and desperately needed help!


The next dog they focused on rescuing was Queen who turned out to be Pocahontas’s mom. “We were able to remove Queen took her  directly to our vet in Brooklyn where it was discovered that she was pregnant as well,” Silverstein said.

After spending a week relaxing safely in her new foster home, Queen gave birth to 13 puppies, 12 of whom survived, six boys and six girls.


Queen is just like her daughter Pocahontas and is a great mommy  to her new puppies, and it’s safe to say that Pocahontas learned from the best. “Both dogs are amazing, loving, sweet, affectionate and gentle,” Silverstein said. “We have been unsuccessful to rescue the others but we are still trying.”


Thanks to their rescuers, Pocahontas and Queen will never again have to go back to that flooded basement, and their puppies will only know happy lives with loving families.

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