Rescue Dogs In Wheelchairs Have The Time Of Their Lives Playing Together!

Often we can  forget what there is to be thankful for in life. It’s always best to calibrate, take a few steps back, and take into consideration what’s actually important. The video below serves as a great example to consider all the beauty life has to offer. With the help of Gritta Goetz, these adorable dogs are able to run free in the countryside with the help of their wheelchairs. Gritta Goetz owns an animal sanctuary in Lanzenheiner, Germany. A sanctuary that’s inhabited over two dozen dogs from rescue shelters. Several of the dogs that live at this sanctuary are confined to wheelchairs.

We may even  see them being in wheelchairs as limited, it doesn’t slow them down at all from playing alongside their friends. Goetz’s dogs can serve as a great reminder when it comes to inclusion. The pups that have two legs keep up with their buddies that have four legs, and there really is no difference between them. With the help of Goetz, these dogs are able to live out the rest of their lives in a natural setting, with love, care, and, of course, ample playtime for fetch. This short clip also sets an example for the natural tendency beings have toward resilience and overcoming hardship.


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