These Dogs Are Going To Bed But They Find They Have Some Company

All these dogs want to do is go to their cozy little beds and they can’t believe what find laying in them.  Take a look at what these dogs found.

  1. Can you believe this?

1) "Can you believe this?"

2. “Well I guess I get the floor”!

2) "Whatever."

3.  Motherrrrr

2) "Whatever."

4. ” That fat, lazy cat takes my bed and leaves me with this tiny old blanket, errrr’!

4) "He's not very nice."

5.” What…”?

5) "What the..."

6. “He can have a little space and that’s all”!

6) "The cat's not going to boss ME around."

7. “That’s ok, I like the floor just fine”.

7) "The floor is fine, I swear!"

8.  “It’s all mine now”!

8) "I'll wait here until she's done..."

9. “I prefer the top anyway”!

9) "I'll just take this upper portion."

10. “DADDDDY”!

10) "Help."

11. “This is so not ok’!

11) "This is NOT right."

12. “Does she have to stay”?

12) "Do we have to keep the cat?"

13. “Are you serious”?

13) "You've GOT to be kidding me."

14. “The hard floor is better for my back”, so you take the bed, really”!

14) "The floor is better for my back anyway, so, joke's on you!"

15. “Fine”!

15) "FINE!"

16. “Let’s trade, bone for bed?”

16) "What if I give you my favorite bone?"

17. “No pictures, please”!

17) "Do NOT take a picture!"

18. “I never liked her anyway”.

18) "I never did like the cat..."

19. “If you were not so small…I tell ya”.

19) "Somebody do something."

20. “This is no sleeping angel”.

20) "Seriously?"

21. “We are no longer friends”.

21) "Someone has to put an end to this..."

22. “Really”?

22) "I mean, really? Right in the middle?"

23. “Oh yea, I’ll show you”!

23) "I'll show you!"

24. “Mom, can you please do something here”?

24) "Ummm... do something, please."

25. “I was told to always share”!

25) "No, I do not like this arrangement."

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