October Is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, Here Are Just A Few Adorable Friends We Want You To Meet

October has the honor of being known as “Adopt A Shelter Dog Month”, along with the spooky fun of October.  There are so many loving pups sitting in shelters all across the country just wanting and waiting for the special person to come and bring them into their home forever.

Here are just a few of the loving dogs listed below that are currently available for adoption.  We at “We Love All Animals” want to bring awareness to these adorable dogs, for you may be that special someone to give them the happy and loving home they are searching for.

This is Winnie from Austin Pets Alive

Winnie from <a href="http://www.austinpetsalive.org/adopt/available-dog-details/?ID=21509056#" target="_blank">Austin Pets Alive!</a>

Monty from San Jose Animal Care & Services

Monty from <a href="http://www.sanjoseanimals.com/index.aspx?NID=2437" target="_blank">San Jose Animal Care &amp; Services</a>

Meet Fredrick from Multnomah County Animal Services

Fredrick from <a href="https://multcopets.org/adoptable/fredrick-0" target="_blank">Multnomah County Animal Services</a>

This is Nikov from Tompkins County SPCA

Nikov from <a href="http://www.petango.com/webservices/adoptablesearch/wsAdoptableAnimalDetails.aspx?id=28568941&amp;css=http://sms.petpoint.com/WebServices/adoptablesearch/css/styles.css&amp;PopUp=true" target="_blank">Tompkins County SPCA</a>

Hello, I am Bella from Dane County Humane Society

Bella from <a href="https://www.giveshelter.org/index.php?option=com_adoptableanimalsearch&amp;view=adoptableanimalsearchs" target="_blank">Dane County Humane Society</a>

Meet George from Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

George from <a href="https://www.petango.com/webservices/adoptablesearch/wsAdoptableAnimalDetails.aspx?id=29716513&amp;css=https://www.petango.com/WebServices/adoptablesearch/css/styles.css" target="_blank">Arizona Animal Welfare League &amp; SPCA</a>


Hello I am Larry from North Shore Animal League America

Larry from <a href="http://www.animalleague.org/adopt-a-pet/dogs/adopt/profiles/LarryPM5439.html" target="_blank">North Shore Animal League America</a>

This is Brendi from Alaqua Animal Refuge

Brendi from <a href="https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/29394909" target="_blank">Alaqua Animal Refuge</a>

Hi I am Cabbage from Animal Rescue Foundation

Cabbage from <a href="https://www.arflife.org/dogs/13906562" target="_blank">Animal Rescue Foundation</a>

“I would love to come home with you”,Kennedy from Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Kennedy from <a href="http://www.petango.com/webservices/adoptablesearch/wsAdoptableAnimalDetails.aspx?id=28181019&amp;css=http://www.bdrr.org/layouts/LocalPetPoint.css" target="_blank">Big Dog Ranch Rescue</a>

Please meet Shadow from FurKid Rescue

Shadow from <a href="https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/32955747" target="_blank">FurKid Rescue</a>

Hello this is Buddy from Homeward Bound Rescue

Buddy from <a href="http://homewardboundrescue.com/dogs/" target="_blank">Homeward Bound Rescue</a>

This is Quincy from Old Dog Haven

Quincy from <a href="https://olddoghaven.org/adoption-placement/dogs-available-for-adoptions/" target="_blank">Old Dog Haven</a>

Meet Mandy from ASPCA

Mandy from <a href="http://www.aspca.org/nyc/adoptable-dogs/mandy-a29372035" target="_blank">ASPCA</a>

Hi my name is Brenda from Underdog Rescue

Brenda from <a href="http://www.underdogrescuemn.com/adoptable-dogs/" target="_blank">Underdog Rescue</a>

We hope you enjoyed meeting a few of these dogs and the shelters they are being held waiting for you to come and give them a forever home.

Please share this with your loved ones and fellow animal lovers.