You Won’t Believe Where This Dog Had Been Locked Up For Years. Now See Her Today, Amazing Transformation!

I am a man who doesn’t consider himself especially vindictive or violent, but when I hear about someone intentionally hurting an innocent animal?  It gets me steaming. For a long time, animal cruelty laws weren’t really that strict and punishable, but thankfully, more and more lawmakers are cracking down on animal offenders

When police in Syracuse, New York recently received a tip about dogs living under inhumane conditions, they sprang into action. Upon arriving at the address, they found a sickly, emaciated dog and her son in a basement with no access to food or medicine. 

The mother, Jada, looked as though she only had a few more days left in her to survive when she was found.  They thought she was about nine years old, rescuers believe that Jada had spent her entire life inside the crate when they found them. Unfortunately, there was more bad news …

This is the condition Jada was found, cooped up in a crate and neglected. Police say that had they not found her when they did, she would have likely died within days.


A lot of dogs can be quite fussy at bath time, but Jada felt like she was heaven at the feel of warm water and the gentle massaging of her bruises.


Warm, safe and well-fed for the first time in her life, Jada was looking forward to a new home and a new life, then doctors found she only had a few months to live…


Jada was diagnosed with a severe cancer that had spread to her lungs.  Sadly there is nothing anyone could do at this stage other than make her last days happy ones.


That’s what the vet technicians and local community decided to do for her by making a list of life experiences she’d missed out on her “bucket list.”  They also got her a nice warm bed.


Here’s the bucket list they came up with:

bucket list

Jada became a local TV star (#11 on the list)


And here she is riding a fire truck (#12).


She made friends with the firemen!


In fact, she got so close with the firefighters that she was January s “Firefighter of the Month”.


 Jada likes reading with a new friend (#20).


Here she is checking off #13 riding in a police cruiser where she helped keep the streets safe that day.


As she continues her struggle to survive her terminal illness, the community is bracing themselves for the day they get the sad news. In the meantime, they’re doing all they can to keep her happy.


This may be the most important item on Jada’s list: the care for her son, Sonny. Item #21 is simple, but meaningful, “Send my son off to the perfect home.”


If you’d like to help Jada and Sonny by donating towards their medical expenses, click here.


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