Cops Notice A Scared, Lost Dog Wandering The Highway. What They Do Next Will Warm Your Heart

With all the negative things you hear about police officers in the news, you might get the feeling that all police officers are bad people. We know that isn’t true, but it seems like all the good things police officers do are never brought to light.

Take for example, these police officers that did everything in their power in order to save one of our furry friends.


The German Shepherd you see in the middle of the highway in the above picture is named Lexi. She became lost recently and stumbled into the I-495 in Massachusetts. It was already bad that Lexi was lost, but after entering the highway, she had now put herself in a very dangerous condition. Cars that were driving through were doing everything they could to avoid hitting her, but Lexi’s situation didn’t look good. That’s when the police decided to step in.


After closing all the highway lanes, they slowly made their way over to Lexi and gently coaxed into one of their police cars. Their secret? One of the police officers had a bar of granola in their car, which turned out to be Lexi’s favorite food. It didn’t take long before Lexi and the police officers became friends.


If it wasn’t for the police officers’ patience and determination, something tragic could’ve happened to Lexi. We at Shareably are so glad that Lexi is alright, and are thankful to the police officers that had a part in saving this beautiful German Shepherd!


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