‘The Doctors’ Surprises Dr. Travis With A Tribute To His Dog, Then He Loses It On Camera

On a very special episode of The Doctors, Dr. Travis opened up about his best friend, Nala. While the show typically focuses on the ups and downs of human health, the panel decided to touch on an issue many pet owners can relate to losing a furry loved one.

Dr. Travis adopted Nala from a shelter 17 years ago. She then grew up alongside him, following him through med school and a few questionable haircuts.

The producers surprised the doctor with a tribute to Nala, which naturally brought him to tears. Dr. Travis revealed that his elderly dog was nearing the end.

“She’s one my best buddies in my life – may be the very best,” he said. “Preparing for the end, and yet not having their funeral until it comes — it’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster.”

Dr. Travis’ favorite thing about Nala was her sweetness and compassion. He wasn’t the only one on the panel who lost a friend: Dr. Andrew had lost his dog, Lulu, a year ago.

“She really was like a family member,” Dr. Andrew said.

Losing a beloved animal, especially one that has been a fixture in your life, can be just as traumatic as losing a human companion. Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow joined in on the discussion to advise Dr. Travis and those in similar situations on what to do.

“I recommend that you always keep that alive,” said Dr. Mike. “That love that Nala gave you, that love will always be there.”

He recommended holding onto photos and mementos to keep their legacy alive.

“She is who I wish everyone could be,” Dr. Travis said. “I just think about all the people’s lives she’s touched…. She’s just so sweet, it melts my freaking heart!”

Shortly after the segment was taped, Nala passed away. Dr. Travis still chose to share his experience to pay tribute to his best friend.

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